Kenholic Weekly #2: Crispy Zerg Edition

First off, it seems that people are actually reading these weekly's, so I have to thank you folks for taking the time to do so. I really love doing them because it's just me ranting about random stuff that comes up during the week.

Anyways, did you guys know that the FLCL Blu-Ray collection is available for pre-order on Amazon for $24.99? I reserved my copy earlier last week at Rightstuf for $24.29 during one of their weekly sales. At that price, it's a pretty damn good deal even though anime blu rays seemed to get marked down regularly. I'm glad that it's finally getting a larger release, since I feel that this one is pretty special and I would consider it to be required viewing for any fan of anime. I think its intense level of energy (and wackiness) really sets it apart from everything else. Good times.

Star Driver episode 18 was pretty good, maybe because it was the first episode without a star battle. It's generally ok to watch, but without any real malice in the conflicts there just isn't any suspense, so these comedy heavy episodes tend to shine. Hmm, other than that, everything was pretty status quo, and Level E had another surprisingly fun episode.

But does anyone else notice that Bridget Satellizer is also starting to look like Naru Narusegawa from some angles? Maybe not. While they don't look like it, they are both incredible killing machines.

Finally, I can reveal that a big chunk of my time is getting sucked up by Starcraft 2. If you google for the keyword 'kenholic', then my Battlenet profile pops up on the first page. Nearing 500 wins on 800ish games, not too bad? I think my average apm (actions per minute) is in the mid 60s. I primarily play protoss because I think that it requires less apm then the other two races to play decently, so crispy zerg events happen a lot. I just happened to find these in my screenshot bin last month.

The results indicated otherwise, but the three of us (2 vs me) were actually at even unit supply at the start of the skirmish. Roasted Hydra, anyone? There's plenty to go around.

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