Kenholic Weekly #0: Yoroshiku

There's a lot of stuff I normally want to rant about, but I've never really found the right forum. I thought that starting my own website would help, but after about a few months I just got into this mode of churning out previews and reviews. I mean, I love to do them, but there are tidbits here and there that I want to express, but those comments just don't fit into the frame of a review.

I wish I could microblog about them, but I feel like my site would become a collection of clutter, and I've been trying to keep a semblance of organization. Yesterday's Bleach post was exactly that. I've tried Twitter for this purpose, but sometimes I feel like its a blackhole. So nearing another birthday for this site, I've decided to try something new: a weekly editorial! Here, I can freely express random comments about the stuff I'm doing, like video games I'm playing, movies I saw, funny things about this week's anime, all without doing a full out writeup. I also think that it'll inject a bit more personality into this website as I try to grow it out for another year. Come to think of it, my blu-ray dilemma actually got 2 comments. That's not a lot on the internet scale, but for me, it's a pretty big deal, haha.

Well enough about that. The only thing left to address is the dearth of video game reviews on this website. I've tried. I really have. But despite dedicating nearly 10-15 hours a week to games, I find that it's really really difficult. Do you know how hard it is to do a video game review, btw? I think in order to do an honest review, you have to first finish the game. Some games that I like to play take 75+ hours to really do all the things that I want to do. Could I finish the game in 40 hours, write the review and then get back to it? Sure, but 40 hours is still a crazy long time. Given all the other stuff I want to do in my free time, that'll take about a month. By then, the review is stale and no one wants to read it. I've got like 50+ games I could begin to write about, but they are all old. Sigh.

Another problem is screen caps for console games. The latest game I finished was Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is somewhat recent, but on my PS3, so screen caps are hard to get. How I used to do it was to just use my digital camera and take pictures of the screen. How do you do that and get a nice up and close action scene without getting shot up? Argh, video game reviews.

Haha, I can already tell that this column will be fun.