Ishiya Chocolate Factory

In the episode that Yomi returns from Hokkaido to give omiyage to her friends, Osaka and Chiyo receive chocolates. I deduced that those chocolates are none other than Ishiya brand chocolates, a specialty of Hokkaido, and went straight to the source, the Ishiya Chocolate Factory.

I guess it's supposed to be inspired by Willy Wonka or something, because it's definitely more dressed up than say a Hershey's factory here in the States, but it's pretty small despite its grandiose looks. Anyways, I explored the outside, the artifact museum on the inside, didn't do the factory tour, but bought some individual chocolate and cookies to try, as well as some cakes. They had a cake buffet, but in the end, I decided to just purchase some slices separately. I think watching all episodes of K-On! did something weird to my brain when faced with Japanese cakes. Oishii desu yo.