Hokkaido Turismo

An assortment of pics from my Hokkaido Turismo ranging from Sapporo to Hakodate, courtesy of a dashboard mount and a remote control. Sadly, if I knew that they would turn out so well, I would have taken more.

At first I was going to buy a train pass, but hey, I decided that car rental was cheaper than train and boarding, plus it gave me a ton of flexibility. It's a good thing that Hokkaido has a lot of hot springs/public baths. I'm not sure if I did the match correctly though, because it was still pretty pricey in the end. You can't put a price on adventure though right? Anyways, got a Prius because it was relatively roomy, saved on gas, and I had some prior experience driving one.

What else ... there are relatively few traffic cops along those long stretches of road, so speeding seemed like pretty common thing that I observed, but I read that Hokkaido has the highest rate of traffic deaths in Japan, so that kind of kept me in check. I did find some open roads in the country sides that were pretty fun to blaze through though, since you can safely see for miles around.

Finally, the last image is an ETC card. It's an electronic toll card that lets you bypass lines and I recommend it to everyone driving around. Not only because there are a lot of tolls around Hokkaido, but also because ETC will typically grant you toll discounts automatically.

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