Azumanga vs. Hokkaido vs. My Stomach (Again)

Yomi's trip to Hokkaido in Azumanga was a little bit harder to capture because I didn't really remember the details. But I did keep an eye out, and my patience paid off.

I did manage to track down a bear statue of similar make! Nyamo receives a bear statue from her uncle in Hokkaido in episode 3; Kagari-sensei wonders why it's not crab or uni.

I went to a lot of convenience stores in Hokkaido, but could not find a can of bear stew. I guess I needed to go to more specialty markets. The best I could manage was a platter of roasted bear, which wasn't cheap.

Osaka and Chiyo each receive a box of Ishiya chocolates from Yomi too in epi. 18... I went to the Ishiya chocolate factory but didn't know that the chocolates were in Azumanga (until I did the screen caps for this post)!! Ahhhhhh. I ate those as well, but didn't take a picture of the box. Miss. I also ate lots of cakes there, as well as chocolate covered potato chips, and some butter cookies.