Yumekui Merry Is Boring Preview

I don't know what it is about Yumekui [dream eater] Merry, but it is insanely boring. You know what this anime reminds me of? .hack//Sign, where the boy is stuck in the virtual mmorpg world and mopes around for 20 and change episodes. Similar to .hack, Merry is trying to get back into the [dream] world that she presumably comes from.

The art is pretty well done here, there are some action scenes, some mystery is added to the characters, but overall the plot is extremely thin. It's monster-of-the-week fest but none of them respond to her questions so nothing is getting developed. It's like beating up on little kids that just randomly banter at you, there's just no fun in it.

kenholic initial thoughts: Poor. Story. Bro.