Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Review

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (Fall/Winter 2010)
Soredemo focuses on the daily adventures of Hotori Arashiyama as she goes to school (to the torment of her match teacher), works part time at a cafe, and running errands around the town. Once in a while, random things like the supernatural, time travel, and aliens are thrown into the mix to my delight. I really liked this show.

More so than the random flow of the story, the characters are pretty interesting; Tatsuno, Hotori's blond classmate, plays the perfect straight man to Hotori's wacky routine. Their math teacher is so eternally bothered by Hotori's lack of interest in his class to the point that he's convinced that she actually goes back in time as an adult to become the teacher that ridiculed his love of math. They also have a classmate Hiriyuki Sanada, who is a childhood friend of Hotori and has a crush on her, but Tatsuno in turn has a crush on Sanada. The episode when they go to his room to work on a website project but end up finding his porn stash is pretty hilarious.

I also think that this show had one of the more interesting ED's of the year despite the fact that the tunes were a little off (the main female seiyuus of this show sang their own ED).

kenholic rating: 7.25. Recommended for randomness and the super funny tsukkomi duo of Hotori and Tatsuno.