Shinryaku! Ika Musume Review de geso

Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Fall/Winter 2010)

A squid girl comes out of the sea with the intention of invading the land dwellers for their polluting ways; at least that was the original plan. Her antics are taken comically, which they are, by the beach cafe and she discovers that she has a long way to go before achieving total world domination. Ika Musume was by far the easiest show last season for me to recommend to friends because of it's just simply fun to watch.

If you've seen Kerero Gunsou (Sergeant Frog), then you'll already know what this show is about. It uses a complete outsider - in this case, someone raised in the ocean - to undergo a slapstick laden discovery of human/japanese society. It's pretty hilarious to watch her terrified response to inflatable killer whales. Anyways, despite being a little bit unoriginal in its setting, the side characters bring this show to life by providing Ika-chan with various foils to set up her adventures. Her new "family" provides most of the day-to-day human interaction, Sanae (a neighborhood girl) and Cindy (a scientist) obsess over her like a cute toy, while Nagisa (a coworker at the beach cafe) takes it upon herself to save humanity from the squid invader.

With thirteen episodes for a season one, this is a good watch if you're interested in some light comedy.

kenholic rating: 7.0. Fun to watch and easy to enjoy.