Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Fall 2010)

I don't think I was alone in giving an initial impression of "what a pretentious name" and "looks a lot like powerpuff girls" and "I wouldn't be interested". I gave it a try, and all of those prejudices were quickly blown away.

This is a fairly adult themed series (as its name would imply) and has far more cussing than any other anime in recent memory, but both of those elements really add to the charm/shock value of this series. More than any other of the last season, this one had the most impact both in artistic differentiation and the presentation of its script. It's almost as if they took The Powerpuff Girls and the irreverence of say, a South Park (there were some tribute scenes done South Park style) or any of the recent late night Adult Swim entries of late, and fused them with Japanese wackiness.

Two foul mouthed, nympho angels fight the forces of evil in 2 part episodes. Lots of funny and cool stuff in between. The animation, despite a lack of texture, was surprisingly crisp; I guess the resources were shifted over to the action scenes, some of which were pretty ridiculous. I have a very hard time placing a rating on this series, but maybe once I put a database together, I can adjust it. For now I'll put it on the higher side ...

kenholic rating: 8.0. I'm really looking forward to the second season.

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