NFL Playoff Prediction 2011

Here is my prediction for how this year's playoffs will come about. The NFL playoff brackets are reseeded after every game, so one mistake is probably fatal to my beautiful scenario.

Anyways, I based my picture on three things:
a) the best storyline possible
b) some record checking
c) personal biases

This weekend's wildcard games:

New Orleans Saints/Seattle Seahawks --> New Orleans Saints
Pete Carroll first round playoff exit (hopefully blown out).

Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles --> Philadelphia Eagles
Nothing against Green Bay, my storyline option depends on Philly winning.

New York Jets/Indianapolis Colts --> New York Jets
Jets need to win to set up next week vs. their enemies as well.

Baltimore Ravens/Kansas City Chiefs --> Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore strong on both sides, KC is a playoff noob. Nothing interesting here though.

2nd Week:

New Orleans Saints (11-5) / Chicago Bears (11-5) --> Chicago Bears
New Orleans has too many injuries.

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) / Atlanta Falcons (13-3) --> Philadelphia Eagles
How awesome would it be for Michael Vick to beat his old team.

New York Jets (11-5) / New England Patriots (14-2) --> New England Patriots
I hope something ridiculous happens here, like the Gatorade boy for New England is actually a spy for NY, but the towel guy for NY is planted by NE. Too bad Moss vs. Revis pt 2 won't happen though.

Baltimore Ravens (12-4) / Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) --> Baltimore Ravens
Just based on regular season guessing.

3rd Week (Conference Champs)
Philadelphia Eagles / Chicago Bears --> Philadelphia Eagles
Vick must prevail.

Baltimore Ravens / New England Patriots --> New England Patriots
NE must prevail.

Philadelphia Eagles / New England Patriots --> Philadelphia Eagles
Vick wins the Superbowl. GG. I hope he goes to Disneyland.

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