Motto To Love Ru Review

Motto To Love Ru (Fall/Winter 2010)
I was surprised that this one didn't get more coverage or hype ... at least that's what I thought to myself until I actually saw it last weekend. I was pretty sure that To-Love-Ru was a pretty big deal two years ago and got a lot of marketing hype, but I guess it's fallen pretty far. I must concur, because as a fan of almost all harem anime, I gotta say that this one ranks pretty low.

This second season continues the story (story is used loosely here) of one Yuuki Rito and his stable of 10+ girls, all of which have inexplicably fallen for him. Some of them are aliens, some are normal earth girls of various archetypes, and one of them is a ghost. Am I the only one that thinks that 10 is too many to begin with? Anyways, the format of each episode was changed in the second season, each episode is now comprised of three 5 to 6 minute shorts. While I don't have any real complaints about the plot jumps, this series just didn't really do anything exciting. It ran a lot of segments for all the characters, but there was no real overarching drama/plot to really carry the story along (unlike the first season) until maybe the end, but even that revelation didn't last really long.

I gotta say, none of the characters have very much appeal outside of Lala, and that made for a pretty dull 12 episodes.

kenholic rating: 3.0; little value to be found here.