Koreha Zombie Desu Ka? Preview

Koreha Zombie Desu Ka?

I've watched the premiere episode almost every series starting this season, and at the risk of completely exposing my flawed tastes in anime, I'm claiming this one as my favorite of the season. I don't know about everyone else, for me, it has the silliness/harem/battle thing going - it reminds me of Baka to Test if nothing else. I also don't know what this pick says about the rest of the shows going on this season, but I do agree that it's pretty sad. I'll also admit that none of the character personalities are original, but I hope that the interesting character visual designs continue.

Necromancer that reminds me of Yuki Nagato (Haruhi).

Here we have a foul tempered magical girl.

A fight with a giant lobster monster?

Some weird cross dressing action.

Next up in episode 2 is the promise of a vampire ninja. Winner! We'll see if I change my mind in 3 months.