Gundam 00 - Awakening of Trailblazer

Gundam 00: Awakening of Trailblazer (2010)
Nearly a year or two removed from the end of the two season tv series, this movie reinforced everything I remembered about it. Character development be damned, we're gonna put on a giant light show at max fps and put them into epileptic seizures. It is pure mecha porn. We're not talking adult films here, but gratuitous space battles that'll eclipse anything you've ever seen. My reaction was a straight up 'Wow'. I swear I forgot to breath during some of the piloting sequences and I had to physically force myself inhale because some of the stuff I saw was insane.

With that aside, it really was the way I remembered the series. Spectacular space battles littered with weak attempts to formulate a plot. A lot of characters are thrown in there with little or no (more like dropped) development, so it would have been better off if they didn't exist at all (i.e. Queen Maria). I do appreciate the throwbacks to the Tall Geese/Zechs (from Gundam Wing) that Graham Akers represents though. However, I really don't understand why the writing was so weak and superficial overall. One of the things that I've always appreciated about Gundam was that it wasn't always about giant robots, but usually had great depth in terms of its characters - especially with its leading pilots and ladies - and also always had a political edge to it. This series had been fairly devoid of both, but the movie even more so. Gone were allusions to the energy crisis, and in its stead, replaced by ALIENS. OMGGOMGGOMGOGMOGM. ALIENS IN GUNDAM WTFHAMBURGER. [I've watched nearly every Gundam ever, and this just made me throw my pillow]

To compound the problems, I always found the military techniques in most Gundams to be convincing, and not totally unbelievable. Here, some questionable military tactics were used, i.e. the "absolute defense line for earth", which to me, was a re-enactment of the Marginot Line. I'm glad one of the cabinet members in the movie pointed out that the line could be avoided by going around it, but his peer's only response was "no, it has to work". I don't get whether they are intentionally driving me nuts or just insane. I bet the writers/director probably thought that line was funny.

Sigh. Story and cohesiveness be damned, because they've got Gundam battles ... lol.

kenholic rating: 7.0 (Most visually impressive Gundam ever, but willingness to turn off your brain probably required)

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