Asia Tour 2010 Day X: Afternoon Tea at ...

One thing that I will miss were the 6 to 7 meals a day I consumed each day (I've been on a loose diet ever since to make up for it though, haha). The selection of delicious looking food is just so enormous that it would be impossible to construct any sort of meaningful checklist. Here's a particular place I went to for afternoon tea one day though ...

Let's see what's on the menu: snack, coffee, pizza/pasta sets. That french toast looks good.

However; Norwegian Smoked Salmon Tortilla Pizza? Yes please.

Add a fancy cafe drink? Sure.

Everything as expected from a cafe right? Well ... what if this cafe was this:
Pizza Hut? Sigh. Why do I feel like the US got the short end of the stick in this bout? And yes, my order was pure deliciousness.