Asia Tour 2010 Day 9: Central Walk

On day 9 of this trip, I hiked through a European landmark trail through Hong Kong's Central District. Hong Kong was a British colony after all, so it's not surprising that it has some European style architecture. I encountered many buildings, parks, and historical sites along the way, so it was hard to pick out 5 or 6 highlights. However, despite some pretty pictures and claims by the tourism sites, I was pretty disappointed by Man Mo Temple and the Western Market though.

Pottinger ("Stone Slab") Street / The old Hong Kong Police HQ.

Central/Mid Level Escalator: It's a mile long and goes up a long way. It's one way though, so you need to find your own way back down. *Sigh* I took a cab to Pacific Place Mall.

Back on the trail, nothing special here, but just to give an idea of what the area looks like.

The Museum of Medical Sciences: Built in 1894 to centralize efforts against the bubonic plague.

One of many churches/cathedrals in Hong Kong.

The Western Market: the outside looks nice, but the inside is barren and not worth entering.

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