Another Disappointing 49ers Season (Over)

Final game of the season and the stadium was half empty. It fittingly reflected a pretty downtrodden season.

They started off by losing to Seattle 31-6, then they had an awesome Monday night home game vs. New Orleans, but then they lose 3 more times ... they beat the Raiders ... then they lost to Carolina during the last 5 minutes of the game ... that was so gross, to start the season off 1-6. And just when they started winning games, the next game I saw in person was their 21-0 defeat to the Bucs. I should have stayed overseas.

Despite it all, they still had a chance to make the playoffs. Then that game vs St. Louis was just so bad. So many mistakes - interceptions canceled, dropped snaps for fumbles/safeties, blown coverages, qb flip-flopping, you name it. The last game vs. AZ was fun, albeit meaningless for either team. If anything, we did AZ a favor and maybe they can draft a better QB for next year.

The Niner's roster looks pretty good for an NFC West team, but the QB situation this year was terrible. The secondary was horrible too. They should start Taylor Mays. Nate Clements was a fan hero his first 3 years here, but he made a lot of mistakes this year that resulted in opposing TDs; it sucks that they need another shutdown corner so soon. The Niners need a turn around. I hope it comes soon.

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