I'm not dead

I bet you guys never expected to see me again. Internet access in Seoul/Tokyo is pretty spotty for travelers because wi-fi is not a prevalent technology over there. I believe that most of the mobile internet access comes from data plans on SIM cards which require proof of residency to obtain. Mix in the fact that I was moving around with great frequency, I basically had little access and when I did, I was way too tired to write anything.

So why didn't I resume in November when I got back? I don't know, jet lag? Lame excuses aside, that's just how it is with my blog; I have many things that require my attention at any given time, and my blog gets prioritized and de-prioritized at a whim. Sigh. Hopefully, I can stick around a little bit longer this time.

To apologize, here is a picture of Azusa.

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  1. Why don't you share your Dominion tricks with us?