Asia Tour 2010 Day 1

Day 1: Arrived at HK International and I took the subway system straight to Kowloon. I got off and quickly procured an Octopus card at the station. Octopus cards are similar to T-money cards in Korea; they require deposits, you load them up with money, and then use them for public transit and convenience stores (and McDonalds and Cafe de Coral).

Hmmm. Fried mcdonald apple pies. I also spotted ads for a curry fried chicken wrap at KFC. It looks pretty good, I will have to procure one of those. I also discovered that PCCW is some big wifi provider around here, so if you see PCCW wifi, it probably? safe to use. I'm using wifi from the HSBC main branch.

I'm spending most of today getting familiar with the area again, shopping for local looking shirts, practicing Cantonese, and sampling foods. I didn't find anything I really liked at the HMV (music/dvd) store. There's some new band here called the Rubberbands. Final Fantasy 13 International Edition (Japanese audio track + CN/EN subtitles) was ~100$ US. Arg, will look elsewheres. Maybe go to Wan Chai Computer Centre later, I always find cheaper prices for games there.

Interesting food discoveries for today:

glutinous rice sui mai

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