Asia Tour 2010 Day 0

Dramatization: Tired of office life, I grabbed my passport and ran away to the Asian countries requiring no visas. By jumping from country to country months at a time, I can potentially dodge immigration. Everything will be procure-on-site. Blending in well is essential to this plan.

Truth: I filed for vacation and booked some flights to HK, Seoul, Hokkaido, and Tokyo. The places I'm touring are ok with visits not exceeding 60 to 90 days. Mostly everything will be procure-on-site, including transportation and lodging. Mwhahaha. I did pack a laptop and a camera. Will have to practice my Japanese and Cantonese and learn some from Korean.

This blog will be my journal of sorts. Internet access will be intermittent, but probably plentiful. Hopefully I can keep up a good record.

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