Logitech G9X

Quite possibly the best mouse I've ever used despite two disappointing elements.

So the motivation for a new mouse first. My previous mouse is a Logitech MX518. Before that was a Microsoft Sidewinder. The only multi-player that I've been playing with any regularity this year has been Left 4 Dead 2. Like the original Left 4 Dead 1, I'm a crappy hunter so I tend to spaz the mouse a lot while attempting to correctly pounce on the survivors. Every time I miss and get blown up by a shotgun, I wish I had a new mouse that was heavier or had something that'll let me adjust the sensitivity usefully. The final straw was this: I'd been playing KOTOR and Mass Effect for a combined 90ish hours around 2 months ago, and during the course of some long sessions, readjusting my hand caused me to mentally break from game immersion, which really kinda sucks.

Anyways, I quickly tried out the two different grips (I liked the default wide/satin grip better), loaded up the maximum weights (7g x 4), and took it for a spin. At first I was disappointed by the fact that 28g didn't seem like that much, but after a little bit of mouse gliding, the 28g becomes pretty noticeable. I still wish I could get 40g though. The mouse is shaped perfected for my hand and is really comfortable. The mouse wheel has a ricket mode and a smooth mode, but the smooth mode is just free spin (which sucks) and the ricket mode feels cheap. I liked the tighter wheel of my previous MX518 more but whatever. Pressing down on the mouse wheel for opening and closing new browser tabs is a pain now too since the mouse wheel is so stiff, which is disappointing considering the 2 side thumb buttons have a nice feel to them.

Hardware aside, it's the software that really makes this mouse go though. You can customize what each button does easily through a desktop app. Unlike the MX518 and all other mouses I've used in the past, the sensitivity on the fly buttons are actually made useful because you can set exactly what DPI each level gets you. No more guessing with stupid presets, which is awesome. You can also change the LED color of the mouse to anything you want using a palette square. Pretty gratuitous, but that's what I'm all about; so I changed it to blue to match the rest of the LEDs on my PC setup. You can also set different profiles and link executables to activate those profiles, but I don't have much use for that.

Update: I've been using this mouse for Starcraft (among other games) lately, and it's been pretty nice. I'm still pretty curious about that new saitek cyborg brand mouse, but until the top end models drop into the ~60-70ish dollar range like this mouse did, I don't I'll be using it anytime soon.

What I like: comfortable, perfectly shaped. easy to configure precision.
What I don't like: mouse wheel makes me sad despite dual tactile modes. want even heavier weights.

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