Back-to-school book shopping and Chobits hating

While people are going back to school and shopping for used text books, I've been shopping for used manga. Amazingly cheap prices for some hard to find items. I guess manga is just one of those hobbies that depreciate in value. O well, first run Love Hina collection for me!

I also notice lots of online listings for the Tokyopop Chobits collection. I hate Chobits. I normally don't harbor strong feelings of hate toward any anime, usually limiting myself to a mild disgust, but Chobits is so bad, it's made a lifelong impression on me.

One of my earliest memories of anime is just how much I didn't like that show. I mean, how much can you really expect from a lead "female" role that is a) a loli robot and b) can only say 2? different words the entire series!!! Seriously, you have prolific seiyuu Rie Tanaka signed on and her script is limited to 100 inflections of the same word. Argh, my brain is melting.

Maybe I just didn't understand it, something about the love between a man and an ai, so I watched it twice. Wow ... why did I do that?, haha. Anyways, I believe that the frequency of listing of an out of print series [kinda ... Chobits is newly available again in omnibus form by dark horse] like Chobits only serves to validate my point that the property itself has no lasting appeal to attach people to their collections. But being out of print makes me want to buy them ... but no, I hate Chobits.

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