Spring 2010 Wrap Up

Looks like Kanade is stealing Yui's Gitah. Well played.

My ranking for the Spring 2010 season (13 episodes, ~3 months):

1. K-On!! (Season Two)
2. Kaichou wa Maid Sama
3. Angel Beats
4. Arakawa Under the Bridge
5. Working
6. Durarara
7. Giant Killing

K-On and Kaichou are no brainers for me. I'm surprised that Angel Beats beat out Arakawa for my third spot; whereas Arakawa kept fun throughout, Angel Beats got progressively better and really killed it with the ending. Working! was listed as an "avoid" by me, but I was wrong on that too - turned out to be the one of the better ones last quarter.


1. Senkou no Night Raid (after 3 episodes)
2. Heroman (after 4 episodes)
3. Mayo Neko Overrun (after 6 episodes)

Other Stuff that happened, ranked in order of interest:
1. Naruto Shippuuden (Pain Arc - very cool)
2. One Piece (Impel Down Arc - sigh)
3. Fairy Tail (Element 4 - ok)
4. Bleach (Arrancar vs. Captains - so sloooooow)