xbox 360 slim arrives: i celebrate, then cry foul

So there's a new xbox model out this week and it looks pretty cool: black shine ala ps3, touch controls ala pre-slim ps3, built in wireless ala ps3, etc.

All that stuff aside, for me, it also comes out at a good time, since I expect my other remaining xbox (or 6th, depending on how you interpret post-red-ring-refurbuished models) to die by November/December, in which case the inevitable Black Friday deal will discount the price on this one down a tad, making it an ideal replacement. So why am I sad?

Because my Final Fantasy 13 xbox faceplate will have no where to go ... not to mention the stupid expensive wireless adapter that no one will want anymore or the stupid expensive hard drive that no longer fits (there is a new proprietary hard drive shape too). I could always buy one of the discounted soon to be out-of-production models, but that's just gross.

Now I understand it all. The reasoning behind the combustible consoles and the expensive proprietary peripherals. I'm not gonna spell it out, but I think the scheme is pretty obvious now in hindsight. So now what? Hahaha (not really, more like *tears*). Despite all this, there's no helping me. I'm just another sucker. RAAAAAGE.

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