Angel Beat Down

One Japanese broadcast station, MBS, is reporting that Haruhi clone tribute unrelated anime "Angel Beats" episode 6 has received record ratings and has even bested K-On! in the same slot. This is just one station however, and K-On! (the fake best anime ever, because Nodame is the real best) safely retains its viewership lead elsewheres.

My reaction after the jump.

Granted the show is marginally improving on my wait-and-see initial impressions, but wtf, seriously? That this show could even hint at generating better ratings than K-On! (and transitively Haruhi, but Haruhi was overrated in the first place) is seriously surprising.

In fact, this is just crazy: the newest Newtype rankings has Angel Beats female lead Yurippe at #1, beating out Nagato(2) and Haruhi(5), which I don't really mind since I can just chalk it up to recency bias. But to beat out both Yui(4) and Mio(8) is like arrrrrggggh. Tachibana, aka the "Angel", debuts at 10, which isn't so crazy, since she does have an appreciably funny/cute character, but more importantly it is just #10. Not #1. #10, a fair assessment. SO WHY.

I don't know. I do recognize that Angel Beats has top notch production values and accomplishes some highly impressive visual scenes at its best. It has somewhat solved it's large cast issue by doing an mystery-of-the-week closeup on each character, but the characters themselves are still irritatingly dense.

I'm not a hater. After all, there were two equally likely reactions to this show: (a) Haruhi was popular, so a clone with higher production values will also be popular or (b) fans will reject the attempt to jump on the bandwagon. So here we are, and I'm just simply amazed that it happened this way. Such fickle fans. I thought that Haruhi was overrated, but I can understand it's popularity because of the risks it took (i.e. airing the show out of order; better yet, the endless eight arc took balls). Angel Beat's extreme popularity thus blows my mind.

But why should I care. K-On! is better. Also, Nodame for life.

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