Yogisha X no Kenshin

Yogisha X no Kenshin (The Devotion of Suspect X - 2009)

You wouldn't normally think that a j-dorama based movie would garner much praise at all, but true to its plot, Yogisha X no Kenshin is all about breaking your assumptions. Nominated for the Picture of the Year by the Japan Academy Prize in 2009, this isn't just another movie, it's an astoundingly great and touching film.

In the tv series, main character and Physics Professor/Genius Manabu Yukawa is depicted as an eccentric that gets dragged around by police detective Kaoru Utsumi solving impossible crimes and mysteries. Outside of the final episode, the audience rarely ever gets any insight into Yukawa's personal state of mind. As such, this movie is quite a departure from its sillier predecessors, because one, it doesn't deal with impossible crimes at all, but also two, Yukawa gets personally and emotionally involved with the suspects.

The title character, Suspect X, overhears the murder of the ex-husband of his next door neighbor, and offers to assistance to cover up the crime. A genius in his own right, and former university peer of Yukawa, he generates the perfect alibi for his neighbor. What ensues is an epic battle of wits between the two former colleagues that is deeply satisfying, and the final confrontation between the two as they lay out their cards segues into a very heart wrenching finale.

If you guys ever get the chance to watch this movie, I fully recommend it.

kenholic rating: 8.5 out of 10.


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