I don't hate XBOX360. I have 2 of them. In fact, I have a launch unit from 2005, a launch core unit from 2006 that I fitted with an add-on 120 GB HD that just got replaced by a 250GB model at retail, two HD-DVD drives that no longer get any new content [I have two in case one stopped working, these are out of production you know ...], the official b/g WiFi antena attached to the back of one of them which also got replaced at retail by a N compatible model. O yeah, the Final Fantasy 13 pre-order faceplate that I just had to have.

Considering the amount I ponied up for all that equipment, I would dare say I love the XBOX360 system about THIIIS MUCH. Also, the propriety s-video cable, the extra controllers, the 5 years of XBOX Live fees (not even, I had xbox live on the original xbox), and all video games (and hd-dvds) that I've purchased over the years. Let's also pile on the the cost of previous repairs, but let's not subtract the class action check I received from Microsoft from the first red ring because that would be crass. Sugoi ai desu. Xbox wa ichiban desu.

You might say that they love me in return, because just last weekend, one of them reciprocated with the 4th heart shaped red ring of death that I've faced between my two systems. To bring it back to reality though, these red rings were my totally fault because I'm doing it all wrong; I obviously should have a added third machine to my xbox harem. Oh why didn't I get that 400$ XBOX Elite model with the fancy HDMI and 120 GB HD last year? Or the 400$ special edition FF13 edition two months ago, instead of just settling for the face plate. Could it be because I was already reconsidering my relationship with the system? See that was my mistake ... If I had only bought the 3rd machine, I could have spared my beloved second console...

My lone PS3 on the other hand ... I must hate. That's because I haven't paid anything extra for online play, installed a 500 GB hard drive on the cheap, considered it a given that a Blu-ray player and internal Wifi come included, and I dare to actually play games on it on a regular basis, because I know that every hour I spend on it will work it to a timelier death, unlike my delicate XBOXes...


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