new website design wa sugoi desu

Man, I hate March; it just gets in your way of having fun. It's April now and hopefully those cruel March days are behind me. So without further ado, my new website design is live!

New features that should give this site a much more modern visual experience:
  • Wider blog post panels
  • New navigation panel
  • Graphic Design: Random banner image generation & finally, a background image!
  • Under the hood: utilizes the latest blogger template engine
  • Under the hood: more CSS, less hard-coding
  • Auto-scales for smartphones and other mobile devices
The wider formatting makes some of my previous posts look oddly shaped, and probably all the previous "read more" links got destroyed by the engine upgrade, but I can live with that. Luckily Mio is here to help demonstrate what newer posts should look like from now on. I've also lost a couple site widgets, but I'll probably add them back once I have time to match them up with the rest of this site. Finally, I hope can catch up on regular posting as well.

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