Angel Beats Preview

Angel Beats Preview (Spring 2010)

Lots of hype + some popular seiyuus of late + main character designs straight out of Haruhi = instant victory? Wait just one minute ... because I don't know.

Haruhi is present in spirit, and I'm guessing newly arrived, amnesiac Otanashi will be her straight-man ala Kyon, but outside of the copied dynamics between the primary players, there seem to be too many other generic characters for its own good. I'd rather they just copy everything else ... but anyways, you can judge for yourself. I think that there's just too much going on.
This definitely leaves a bit of intrigue, and future episodes will probably elaborate on the whys of things. Like I personally don't understand why they have to fight or why everyone can't just get along. Like Otanashi, I'm just confused.

Initial impression: It's not boring, but "Haruhi" has already been done. I'm curious at least. Watch and see.

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