My blu-ray rant and why I am a desperate fool

A small sample of what I bought last winter...

If you guys buy dvds like I do, then chances are you might have run into the same problem: whether or not to upgrade your favorites to the blu-ray format.

I've already replaced most of my favorites (Matrices, Godfathers, Rambos, Harry Potters, etc) and have sold off other collections in preparation of the upgrade (LOTR, Star Wars); so for me, this half of the problem is a no brainer, GET the blu-ray. But ...

The thing constantly antagonizes me about this situation is the unpredictability of anime releases on blu-ray. I had seen multitudes of Code Geass blu-rays in Tokyo nearly 2 years ago, yet they are no where to be seen here stateside. Knowing that it exists somewhere, should I continue to wait, or just purchase the DVD version? More pressing, the Lucky Star collection comes out next month, but with no mention of a blu-ray adaptation in sight, should I just bite and get it? As an aside, why does crap like Shigurui: Death Frenzy, Devil May Cry, and Kurmokami get blu-ray formatted, but fan favorites like Code Geass and Lucky Star do not.

Even though I almost always go through with it, I feel like a chump every time I re-buy a series in a new format, and especially so with anime dvds. Compared to mainstream dvds, these things depreciate at larger scale, and I often unload them at greater cost (box set weight shipping). I feel that anime blu-ray collections are a great value, since you can get entire series for 40-50 bucks a pop. But this great "value" is diminished every time I have to "trade in" dvd sets I literally bought 1 month prior to a blu-ray announcement.

Why can't the anime publishing companies just announce these things at the same time like all the other hollywood publishers? This is the thing that really gets me: a lot of the times, these things just show up unannounced and completely unexpectedly. I can't even properly plan (both mentally and financially) for the crap that the anime industry subjects me to. It's almost as if they do this to me on purpose.

And this is why I'm a complete fool. Despite everything that I've just written ... I tell you what ... I will still buy the god forsaken Lucky Star collection on DVD next month, and if the blu-ray version gets announced a month and a half later, I will also end up buying that too; half grudgingly that I have do this profane dance all over again, but half ecstatic that my precious Lucky Star blu-rays would be available in the first place.


  1. send emails to Funimation or any other anime publishers.

    There are not many anime series that really USE the bluray format like, let's say, Bakemonogatari or the Gurren Lagann Movies. I think lucky star is okay as a DVD anime IMO

  2. I hear ya man, its hurts. I was waiting for a mushi-shi blu-ray release, but after it got delayed indefinitely, I decided to bite the bullet and spring for the DVD set.

    Oh, and I have the Lucky Star DVD set, but if it comes out on blu-ray, I will be all over it. :)