Google Buzz Website Integration, A Two Way Street

Zetsubou! You can't be a cutting edge blog if you can't figure out how to integrate all the latest and greatest, right? Well, Google does a great job of helping us out here with Google Buzz API documentation. It's really basic for now, so here are the only, but easy, things that can be gleaned from it:

How do I add my own website or blog to my Google Buzz stream?

Sometimes it's as easy as point and click as I noted in my previous post. For all the other sites that don't show up automatically, go to your Google profile and claim the url you wish to add by entering it into the "add custom links to my profile" box.

Read the details here: http://code.google.com/apis/buzz/documentation/#connect

How do I get my Google Buzz stream to show on my website or blog?

Your public posts are automatically put into an ATOM type syndication feed with the URL http://buzz.googleapis.com/feeds/[username]/public/posted. Personally, I'm disappointed by the blandness of the autogenerated titles given to each feed element.

Once again, details are here: http://code.google.com/apis/buzz/documentation/#syndication