Anime Winter 2009 Wrapup

Anime Winter 2009 Wrapup

A little bit late, but these were the shows I watched last season: let's see how these did (versus my prediction 3 months ago).

Kimi ni Todoke (Right: still the best show of last season.)
A Certain Scientific Railgun (Neutral: fans of Index will like it, and I am a fan of Index.)
Fairy Tale (Neutral: it's good, but not even close to the epic known as One Piece)
Seitokai no Ichizon (Wrong. This show really picked up at the end and exceeded my expectations).
Darker Than Black Season 2 (Did not preview.)

Kampfer (Wrong, wasn't as good as I hoped.)
Nyan Koi (Wrong, became a formulaic harem.)
Nagazaki Haruka no Himitsu Purezza (Right: generic romance comedy.)
The Sacred Blacksmith (Right, waste of time.)
Asura Crying Season 2 (Did not preview.)

Kobato (Kind of right, watched and dropped.)
Letter Bee (I wouldn't know, dropped after first episode.)