Winter 2010 Anime Early Ranking

My quick ranking of new shows this season (Winter: Q1 2010) based on 2-3 episodes each:

1. Nodame Cantabile Finale
2. Baka Test
3. Durarara
4. Ladies vs Butlers
5. Dance in the Vampire Bund
6. Hanamaru Kindergaten
7. Sora no Woto

Unranked (nearly unwatchable):
Seikon no Qwaser

After #1, I don't none of these will end up making a big mark, but #2-#6 are very watchable. #7 is iffy for me, but other people could find it interesting. I have seen an episode or two of the unranked ones, and I don't think they are worth the time to really say anything about them.

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