My New Year's Resolution

Only buy stuff I really really want, no matter how good a deal or how much I think I want it. This is really an exercise in self control and common sense. Do I really need that 30th video game that I won't get to until 2011? Do I really need that 25th DVD set sitting on my floor for the next 5 years? Etc.

Examples of things I've already passed on and would have bought if this were one year ago (regular price in parenthesis):

Assassin's Creed 2 on PS3 @ 39.99 (49.99)
Serious Sam HD on PC @ 6.79 (19.99)
King's Bounty on PC @ 4.99 (19.99)
Ouran Host Club Blu ray @ 37.59 (59.99)
Hirasawa Yui Figma Edition @ ~40 (40)

And it's only been two weeks into January. It's actually really killing me. Typing in phrases is fun.

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