Kenholic.com 2009 Retrospective

The modern iteration of Kenholic.com launched on February 14th, 2009.

Follow the link for the retrospective.

Things I did well ...
Launched my website, made it easy to maintain, yet pretty.
Wrote some nice reviews.
Started up 2 original segments: a podcast and a comic strip.

Things I failed at ...
Too much too soon. I need to focus my content to fewer categories.
Image management. My current system is unorganized and hard to update.
Schedule consistency. No updates for months at a time.

Things I want to improve/add ...
Be more consistent about my posting schedule.
A formalized review database.
More apps like my recent post viewer.

Things I noticed ...
Better editing tools = faster post turnaround (ideas to draft to post).
Posting on recent topics/items can really boost page views, much more than my catch-up retro reviews.
I love this website.

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