Kenholic Top 20 Anime of the Past Decade Footnotes

Kenholic Top 20 Anime of the Past Decade Footnotes

In case you missed it, part one (11-20) here and part two (1-10) here.

So these guys are somewhere in my next tier, ranging from 20-50, but without too much thought, I can't really place them exactly.  All I know is that at some point, I had considered them for a top 20 spot, but eventually pushed them off.  I had to eliminate a few like One Piece and Great Teacher Onizuka because I discovered they actually aired in 1999.

Honorable mentions and why they didn't beat out any of my top 20 after the jump:

Naruto and Bleach: I like these, and in my mind, they competed with Prince of Tennis and Yakitate!! (all four of these are relatively long series) for 19 and 20, but I wish they would take a break instead of making boring filler arcs.  Too much filler ruins those shows, especially with the way Bleach is handling it.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:  If I were to just count the first season, it would have easily gotten a spot somewhere between 13-18; however, the second season killed it for me over and over and over.

Gundam 00:Two Gundams in the top 20?  Not totally inconceivable, but there's a big reason why Gundam Seed made the list and Gundam 00 did not: the characters.  As I mentioned in other post, Gundam Seed takes a more soapish approach to its story telling, and I liked it.  Gundam 00, on the other hand, is hardcore mecha porn.  Robots beating the crap out of each other repeatedly and doing it in a very in-your-face style.  In that sense, it's a much purer Gundam than the Seed series for sure.  I'm mostly disturbed at how almost all of the subplots were never mentioned again in this series (which were so few to begin with).

Code Geass:  The uneveness of this series hurts it.  Lelouch definitely has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but outside of Kallen and C.C., none of the other characters are even remotely interesting.  Suzaku is annoying as a character that I've ever seen.

Black Lagoon: Stylized violence, but ultimately little substance.

K-On & Lucky Star: I was tempted to replace 19 and 20 with these, but I decided that my old school favs should win out since  I don't know what the staying power of these are for me.  Whereas the others had a more solid footing, I could see myself telling myself 'wtf did i watch these for'. But truth of the matter is, I also compare a lot of what I see these days to these two ...

The list goes on, but I'd rather not ramble on.  The whole point of a top 20 as opposed to a top 30+ was to save myself editing time :)

Finally a 2009 darkhorse: Kimi no Todoke. The jury is still out on this one for me. It's half amazing, half stupid.  I can't decide how I feel about this show, partly because it's only half over and is more likely to fail than to succeed, but also partly because I'm afraid to admit that I might actually like it that much ... especially the latest episode, 15: Rivals.