Durarara (Dulalala) Preview

Durarara (Q1 2010)

If you're looking for something more serious to watch to balance out the flood of moe blob, then this is what you'd be looking for. A Pulp Fiction/Snatch-ish type setting where many folks/groups roam a common area and share some connection yet to be revealed. If you've watched Baccano!, then you would know exactly what this is, since it's from the same exact staff. I have not seen Baccano! but as you can see, I can do a Google search. Typing in italics is fun.

I usually avoid these shows because in general I feel they are intellectual posturing shovelware ... and I'd rather watch Lost if I were in the mood for said posturing. But there's something alluring about the supernatural biker angle and demonic(?) informant person, which are closer to the stuff I care about.

Btw, yes that is a giant cardboard Horo in the screen cap; and no I don't know what her connection to this show is either, if any.

At best: Baccano!
At worst: Baccano!

Leaning towards: Baccano!

Recommendation: I've watched two episodes, and will probably continue, since it's better than the other stuff I've been watching lately (looking directly at Asura Cryin and Kiddy Girl).