Braid/Portal/Mirror's Edge

One of these three titles don't belong, but it's all good. I took this holiday weekend to catch up on some PC gaming and this is how long it took for me to complete each one: Braid in 5.25 hours, Mirror's Edge in 5 hours, and Portal in 3 hours. I like short games, so their length was actually a plus. I bought Braid and Mirror's Edge during this year's Steam holiday sale (still ongoing) for 2.50 and 4.99 respectively though, so I definitely got some bang for my buck.

No extensive summaries, because these are all games that should be experienced firsthand and not explained using words. Everyone should play these games, given their short length and all, and form their own opinions, which is what I did.

Braid: 8.0
Braid has some surprising art and music values for an indie game, and throws a nice twist into the mix. There's a lot of satisfaction solving some of the levels. The details of the story are a little convoluted, but the ending is awesome and fits the theme of the game so well.

Portal: 6.0
I see a lot of glowing reviews for Portal, but this game barely elicited any response from me. The puzzles, while thoughtful, didn't seem particularly mind blowing to me. I had no problem zipping through the game in 3 hours while finishing up some work on the side using my laptop ... I admit the final boss made me laugh a little, so it wasn't all too bad; it just wasn't that great either.

Mirror's Edge: 6.0
In my mind, this game is like playing through the last on-foot chase scene in the original Matrix, where Neo is running, ducking, dodging, and agents are spawning everywhere. It's quite fun, despite me dying at least 100 times over the course of the game, partly due to the fact that auto-saves and resume points were very generously given. For the 4.99 I paid for this game, it's well worth it.

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