Nagazaki Haruka no Himitsu Purezza (Season 2) Preview

Not much to say about this series, it's the sequel for Nagazaki Haruka no Himitsu, a show that I ultimately felt indifferent about due to its generic nature, but also enjoyed the quick watch through.

The story picks up where the last season ended, with both parties obviously in love with each other, but still not able to publicize it to each other well. It seems obvious that Shina (the love rival) will play a larger role this season, and if the season 2 pilot is any indication, we'll be in for more frustrating episodes where misunderstanding leads to much dorama. Who knows, maybe Yuuto really will cheat on Haruka this time (doubt it though).

Pros: More of the same.
Cons: More of the same.

Recommendation: Only for shoujo lovers.