Kimi ni Todoke Preview

Wow; I think I found this season's winner. Kimi ni Todoke treads along the same path as recent anime series Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge but there's one huge difference: this one takes it a bit more seriously. Both introduce a scary-at-first-glance introverted girl and produces an outgoing male love interest to help draw out her personality. Whereas Yamato Nadeshiko threw in a reverse harem angle and over the top story devices, this one pares it all down to "boy meets girl".

For reasons to be explored (I hope), Sawako has major social deficiencies that causes her classmates to compare her to the iconic Sadako from Japanese Horror flick, The Ring. What really strikes me as real about this series is that while this guy looks appears cool/great outwardly, there are several hints that there's a darker/tragic past to him as well. Finally, the pacing is really well done, a lot happened in the first episode but none of it seemed rushed.

Pros: Between the fun parts and touching scenes, there's a lot of depth to be found here.
Cons: To be found later.

Recommendation: Watch if you like shoujo series.