To Love RU

The title "To Love RU" is a play on the word trouble. That's exactly what these girls mean to the lead guy, Rito, in this anime. Unlike the other harem series I've been reviewing lately, Rito actually seems to have his head screwed in right and actually tries to assert himself throughout the series. Much of his efforts come to waste though, as Lala - a sudden appearance girlfriend from outer space - seems oblivious to his wishes and does her own thing anyways, thus establishing many comedic situations to Rito's dismay.

My thoughts after the link.

There's not a lot here that hasn't already been done somewhere else. After initial introductions into the universe, more characters are introduced as the episodes roll on, and Rito literally has his hands full every episode with Lala's advances and his own desire to hook up with his childhood friend Haruna Sairenji.

If you like harem series (which I apparently do, because I end up watching all of them), then you'll probably be able to watch and enjoy this series. While I feel the series is generic, the production values are pretty top notch so if nothing else, it's better than watching some poorly animated series. The random acts of humor manage to get me to crack smiles, but I don't think I ever saw anything extremely funny here.

Pros: Lots of characters leads to a 'richer' world.
Cons: Nothing new to be found in this entire series. Just reused character archetypes.

Kenholic rating: 6 out of 10 (Unoriginal, but does its genre well).