Sekirei = Harem x Pokemon? That's how I explained it to one of my friends the other day and he was skeptical. I say it's like Pokemon because the setup is a ginormous game where fighters (Sekirei) beat each other up to determine the ultimate winner. Each Sekirei pairs with an Ashikabi (master), and each Ashikabi can have multiple Sekirei. The harem part is obvious ...

More on Sekirei after the jump.

I like the fighting aspect of this show, but character "level ups" seem arbitrary and so do the limit of their powers. Apparently, there's a numbering system that determines the power level of each Sekirei, and they make a special distinction for single digit Sekirei (i.e. Tsukiomi is #9), but the exact details are again very vague.

Story aside, I enjoy the lightheartedness of much of the series, and the dramatic parts don't interrupt the pacing as badly as some other series (like Princess Lover). Throw in some typical harem humor, and a great tsundere like Tsukiomi, and you have a pretty watchable show. This series doesn't skimp on the fan service/gratuitous boob scenes either. I hear there's a sequel coming up at the end of this year, which is great.

Pros: Super powers! Ultimate fanservice.
Cons: Harem series where the central guy (Ashikabi) sucks again.

Kenholic rating: 6 out of 10. (Enjoyable watch, but story has lots of loose ends).