Rosario to Vampire

Here's a harem anime that poses a different question: What if the love interests weren't human? What if they were a variety of moe-fied classical monsters like vampires, succubi, or snow women? Does the species difference between the main character and each of the girls impose any restrictive borders on their relationships?

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I suppose it makes things a bit more interesting for about 2 episodes, but then the guy gets over it pretty quickly and it just devolves into another love comedy/monster of the week series. It doesn't seem to be very apologetic about its formula either, since it's the same one that's applied to every episode:

Boy x Girl comedy routine --> Some school activity --> New monster in form of classmate stirs up trouble --> Monster battle sequence --> Boy x Girl comedy routine --> Next episode.

But you know what? I still watched 2 seasons (26 total episodes) of this series and I don't know why. I would even watch a third/fourth season. At the end of the first season, I thought it was enough ... but did they subconsciously hypnotize me using the season 2 OP to pull me back (the season 2 OP is memorizing to me for some reason, I normally skip them after watching once or twice, but not this one, I watch every time!). Again, I don't know, and for some weird reason altogether, I enjoyed watching this show.

There is some light character development that goes on, and they shed just enough information on each girl to build on each subsequent episode, so maybe it's because they got the pacing right? Maybe it's the fan service, but after a while, they went overboard with the floating bat censors. At the end of the day, I think it was just a fun show to watch and wind down with.

Pros: The cast has good chemistry together. Fun to watch.
Cons: Formulaic and predictable.

Kenholic rating: 6 out of 10. (Above average production values)

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