Princess Lover

Princess Lover is an anime adaptation of an adult visual novel (or h game) of the same title. I really have no opinion of this show; at its core, it's a boy-suddenly-acquires-a-harem show that tries to throw in a summer action movie plot.

A scant 13 episodes, and it's already over. Character development seemed rushed at some stages, and we really don't learn much about the girls other than where they come from and maybe a few scenes about their pasts. The entire series starts off well enough (episodic, like a harem series should be), but then ends up doing some weird political drama crap halfway through. At 26 episodes, I might have either ended up hating it, or liking it, but since that'll probably never happen, I'll never know. Very much like a summer popcorn movie, this series came and went without leaving any real impression on me.

Pros: Sylvie (my "pick") looks like Saber from the Fate series.
Cons: The main character (the guy) is not very likable.

Kenholic Rating: 5/10 (indifferent, very average)