E3 Day Two: Sony Press Conference

Sony strikes back today with its own barrage of exclusive announcements, and another bomb or two for good measure. Can you count to ... 14?

PSP-GO. News of this item was leaked out weeks, if not months before today, so no surprise at all. About the size of an iPhone, this thing looks sleek, but I don't think I'll be replacing my PSP any time soon. Also previewed their version of motion control.

Big Game Announcements
Final Fantasy XIV (yes, 14) Online for 2010. (PS3, PC)
God of War 3 confirmed for March 2010. (PS3)
Last Guardian, aka Project Trico formally announced. (PS3)
Agent announced. (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker announced. (PSP/GO)
Resident Evil Portable announced. (PSP/GO)
Gran Turismo PSP announced. (PSP/GO)

My take:
Final Fantasy XIV: I don't know if I will have time for 3 FF's in a single year ... let alone one that is an MMO ... sigh.
GoW3: Seems like all the big sequels are gonna hit up 2010.
Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker is a continuation of the Big Boss story from MGS 3 and Portable Ops. Yes!
No announcement about Metal Gear Solid Rising on PS3? (Update: Multiplatform confirmed at Konami Press Conference)