Podcast Episode 2: The former champ returns

Welcome back listeners, I hope you guys enjoyed the pilot show for the 'Blank of the Day.' It was an honor recording it and the feedback has been overwhelming already.

For episode 2 of our new featured podcast, we bring on a guest host named Mr. E (he thinks it sounds like Mystery haha). In addition to the topics we discussed in the first episode, we added a few more 'blanks of the day' with the feedback from our listeners. We have an 'idiot of the day' which I personally saw at 24 hr. fitness, and 'Office character of the day,' based on the hit television show 'The Office' on NBC. We also brought back two of our fan favorites from the pilot show: the 'caller of the day', which features the title of this episode, and the 'pick up line of the day.' You're not gonna wanna miss this one, especially what's at the very end of the broadcast.


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