Playstation Trophy Cards

My custom Akiyama Mio PS3 trophy card!

One of the coolest features of the Playstation trophy system is the ability to see them online. One of the lamest features is that there's no API to collect that data. Not all is lost, however, since there are a few sites out there that will generate customized Playstation trophy cards for you based on your PSN ID. They will even rank against everyone else who has submitted their PSN ID on their site.



  • Lets you upload your own background, avatar.


  • Runs off eu.playstation.com trophy card, have to go to two places to set up.

  • I wish they would merge all the customization features of manual mode (showing individual trophies, trophy card slim/wide formats) with the automatic mode (trophies auto entered using your eu.playstation.com data).

Playfire is my currently my favorite option, but requires a little bit of setup.




  • Allows you to choose more than one style for the cards.

  • Shows the actual trophy icon for recently earned trophies.


  • Only auto updates with account registration.

I actually like the look and feel of the actual trophy layouts for this the best. But a Mio background gets #1 priority.



  • Direct from Sony, log in using your existing PSN sign in.

  • Shows recent games with trophy activity.


  • Cut off words, banner artifacts on some of the themes.

  • Lacks the customization of the other 2 options.

Good, but I feel it's a little generic looking. Pre-requisite for playfire.com option.

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