Playstation Home Chamber Apartment

For a limited time (up until May 21st), Playstation Home is giving away the Chamber apartment. To get yours, go to the Estate store in the Playstation Home Mall area and add it to your cart for $0.00 and check out.

As you can see from my picture above, it's a fantasy based apartment with a giant tree in the middle. There's a metal door on the other side of the face that takes you back the plaza area. Also, although you could probably set up your furniture anywhere, there are two living room areas at the north and south ends of the circular room.

The koi hat on my Home avatar is also a limited time giveaway. Just go to Account Management --> Redeem Codes --> Enter MC56 BXBC 349K. If you are wondering where it's from, it can be found at the 24th second of the new Playstation Home promo.


  1. I can't get the Chamber apartment... It's not even the 21st yet!