New Podcast - The Blank of the Day -

-Our takes of daily observations-
Let me introduce myself as trynsave, and starting today I'll be a part time contributer to kenholic.com.

The Blank of the Day is a fresh look on our daily life observations. I've had this idea to do a podcast for a while and now it has finally come to fruition. My roommate and I have these unusual conversations with each other late into the night when our minds go blank and we talk about anything and everything. Why not share our ideas with the world? Tune in to hear our thoughts on movies, pick up lines, sports, financial tips, guest callers and much more.

The Podcast tab on the top part of this web page is a new addition, and it will give you instructions on how to subscribe through iTunes or you can listen through the website. We appreciate any feedback for our show and we hope to continue to entertain our listeners.

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