Galileo J-dorama

Through his eccentric personality, genius physicist Manabu Yukawa has earned himself a quite a reputation among his peers, as well as the nickname "the henjin [trans: weird person] Galileo". In this ten episode J-drama (plus a two hour prequel special and also another feature film, "Suspect X"), he is paired up with rookie detective Kaoru Utsumi and together they solve some of the most elaborate crime scenes you could ever imagine.

I won't get too much into details of the plots because spoilers for a detective show are poor form, but I will say that as a mix of light comedy and drama, the show is "very amusing" (one of Yuakawa's catch phrases). The two main protagonist have very good chemistry together, and their on-screen antics result in many chuckles and moments of suspense. Sandwiched among the acts spent at Yukawa's lab and the various crime scenes, Yukawa's silly, awkward behavior is well balanced by Kaoru's playful mocking; and all the while, an unspoken love story develops between the two.

I don't usually watch J dorama's (or detective shows for that matter), but this is a pretty highly recommended watch from me.

Arbitrary kenholic rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. jitsu wa omoshiroii!!