Yahoo! Search Fail

Yahoo bot re-indexed my site after I submitted my site and sitemap via Yahoo webmaster tools. Excited, I fired off some quick queries of my recent stuff like 'kenholic crabtree' and 'kenholic demigod'. Looks good right? It has the post snippets and everything. But what I thought was another milestone for my site quickly became a sad realization ... Yahoo! search fail.

Allow me to explain. If you were to actually follow the search result link on 'kenholic crabtree' you will find yourself at my top level domain kenholic.com and not the actual post to which the query refers to in the search results. This does not happen on Google, and this happens to every kenholic search result I get on Yahoo, and Yahoo webmaster tools has no answer for this. While I like the potential of extra traffic sources, I can imagine folks coming to my site from Yahoo! looking for Street Fighter IV news only TO NEVER FIND IT AND LEAVE.

Update: The technical term for this is the "deep link" (vs. the top level link).

One thousand years of "Sigh."

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